Monday, March 28, 2011

"Unnecessary" elections? You're welcome to move to Libya.

Last Friday, the Canadian government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was defeated on a confidence motion in the House of Commons.

Under the Westminster system, a government cannot continue without the confidence of the House. So on Saturday morning, the Prime Minister advised the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and issue the writ for the 41st Canadian general election.

It is remarkable that this is the first time in Canadian history that a government has been defeated specifically for its contempt towards the Canadian Parliament.

It is likewise remarkable that Prime Minister Harper and his minions launched their campaign by lying about our system of government, claiming that coalition governments are not an acceptable development under the Westminster system.

(Apparently Conservatives in the United Kingdom are either less dishonest - or less stupid - or possibly both - since Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron's government is a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. But whatever. This whole coalition schtick is a rerun of Conservative lies from two years ago, when his minority government nearly fell and, were it not for the feclessness and stupidity of the Liberal Party, would have been replaced by a coalition government. See below.)

What is most remarkable, though, is the Conservative narrative - endlessly repeated by their media lapdogs - that this is an unnecessary election, that Canadians don't want this election, that the cost of the election (a mere $10 per citizen) is a waste of money.

In the meantime, citizens in Libya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and countless other countries are literally dying to have a say in their own governmments.

If any Canadian citizen wants to whine about this "unnecessary election," they are welcome to move to Lybia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe . . .

And while they're at it, they are also welcome to renounce the Canadian citizenship that they clearly do not appreciate.

Anyway, here's Rick Mercer to make more sence in a two minute comedy sketch than Stephen Harper has made in his entire life.


Ann said...

Thanks for the civics lesson, LOL

Jane2 said...

I don't vote Conservative, I think it's an unnecessary election, and I don't think I have to move anywhere to express that opinion. I also don't think holding that opinion means that I am a Harper acolyte. I can be disgusted with all three major parties' behaviour, say so, and go to the polls anyway.

Malcolm+ said...

You may not intend to be a Harper acolyte, Jane, but by joining in his dismissal of democratic process, you are carrying hhis water for him whether you intend to or not.

Alan T Perry said...

It seems we just have to keep on doing this until we get it right!

The kicker is that the advance polls are on Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Monday. You'd think after the Succot voting scandal of 2008 Elections Canada would check the calendar for religious holidays!

Fr Levi said...

It is always amazing how democratically elected leaders start having problems with the democratically approved system of government once it starts to look like the correct functioning of that system will boot them out of office.