Friday, April 25, 2008

Not the End of Anglicanism After All

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued a video statement outlining his expectations of the Lambeth Conference. No sign of Tom Wright's predicted disinvitation to the Covenant-skeptics.

Here is the video.

The text of the statement is here.

Of course, there could still be letters in the mail. But either Rowan has backed away from an attempt to manipulate the outcomes, or possibly Tom Wright was talking through his mitre.

Either way, the proposed Anglican Covenant will be a major topic at the meeting - and Rowan seems to be as convinced as ever that this triumph of law over grace is the answer to the Communion's problems.

There was a conference about the Anglican Covenant held in New York earlier this month. It included a number of speakers, including the hopelessly compromised Chair of the Covenant Design Group. Both Covenant-philes and Covenant-skeptics attended and presented. Thinking Anglicans has good coverage and a full set of links to some of the major lectures.

Finally, there has been another boycott Lambeth statement from the so-called Global South. You can find coverage at Thinking Anglicans. Kenyan Bishop Eliud Wabukala includes some simply bizarre remarks about refusing to go to a place where men marry men. He also effectively admits that, while they are imposing themselves on the Bishop in Jerusalem, the GAFCON bishops are likely to consider separating from the Anglican Communion. This rare clarity is helpful.

For the record, I could have linked directly to the site where Bishop Wabukala's comments were originally posted. I have decided not to.

I have several conservative sites included in my links on the right. These are sites which, as far as I have been able to see, there is an attempt to discuss issues in a way that is honest and respectful.

There are, however, sites where such is not the norm. There are sites where anyone who disagrees with the anti-gay party line is subjected to both slander and abuse. (And yes, there are liberals sites that are equally unfair to conservatives.)

In my experience, although Anglican Mainstream occasionally carries articles and links that are useful, the site commentary - and in particular the comments section - is a bilious concoction of slander and abuse. I will not link to it.

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