Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trinity Sunday

The always wonderful Sarah Dylan Breuer at SarahLaughed has, unfortunately, stopped updating her lectionary blog. Fortunately the archive of old entries, covering most Sundays and Major Holy Days of the Christian year is still searchable on her site.

In her commentary on the Year A lectionary for Trinity Sunday, Sarah makes a very good point about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.
For many years, it was hard for me to appreciate something that I knew I could never compreheand. I think now, though, that the incomprehensibility -- literally, that one cannot take it in, capture it in the hand -- is not at all beside the point. Where on earth did I get the idea that anything important ought to be something my mind could contain?
I've heard it suggested that prose is incapable of comprehending this great mystery. So, instead, let me offer up some poetry.

And another version:

With a more familiar set of words, but an unfamiliar melody:


Anonymous said...

Good post. I think the point about poetry is well taken. Good poetry can move us to things beyond the words, in a way that mere "rational" discourse cannot. My sense is that poetry moves us beyond the rational, typical way of language, into things which are not irrational, but beyond reason (eg - God as supra- rational).

Malcolm+ said...

Perhaps our current Anglican unpleasantness could benefit from less prose and more poetry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words about the lectionary blog, and for the poetry. I do think that much of our best theology is poetry, and more suggestive than definitive.

And I do hope to get back to lectionary blogging as soon as I've finished my Ph.D. dissertation. :)



Erin said...

Wonderful. I was given a beautiful green stole commissioned by friends who knew I had a fondness for St. Patrick. I love it and regret every year that I can't wear it for his feast or for Trinity Sunday since neither are green. Thanks for posting these.