Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reflections - final version

The final version of the Reflections document is available here.

Para 91 is now para 106, but it still retains the misguided idea that the 1998 1.10 listening process was about listening to straight bishops and not GBLT Christians. If this is what passes for intelligent analysis among bishops . . .

Para 131, now para 145, retains the delusional belief that the proposed moratoria will survive beyond next weekend. Apparently they haven't heard that Nzimbi of Kenya (on behalf of the GAFFEPRONE schismatics) already told them to get stuffed.

I did notice one other clanger that should be of concern to any authentic Anglican.

150. Anglican Consultative Council. There is a lack of knowledge in the Communion about the Council and its members and therefore an uncertainty about its role. Some believe it exercises too much authority; others would like to see it reconstituted and given more. One suggestion was of a two-tier Council with a tier of Primates and another of clergy and laity with the inclusion of younger representation. There was a desire to enhance the presence of clergy and laity in decision making at the Communion level.

Let there be no illusion about what this means.

It means handing control of the Anglican Consultative Council to the Primates. The enhanced presence of clergy and laity would be offset by reduced authority as the Primates sieze power.

Ironically, the very next para recognizes the grasping and overreaching of the Primates Meeting over the past few years. Giving the Primates effective control of the ACC is hardly the solution.

If I wanted to be ruled by a Pope and a Curia, there is another Christian body on offer.

I did not become an Anglican to be a pretendy Roman Catholic - or rather, given the theological leanings of the coup plotters, a Roman Calvinist.

This Primates have already made one unsuccessful attempt to take over the Anglican Consultative Council.

Para 150 is a clear and unequivocal power grab.

Authentic Anglicans must be on their guard.

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