Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whatever doesn't kill you doesn't kill you

What a year it's been so far.

  • We bought a house.
  • We moved into out new house.
  • We sold our old house.
  • My daughter informed us we are going to be grandparents.
  • My wife was in the hospital.
  • We discovered a leak in our very new house.
  • I was informed of a risk to my Naval Reserve career.
  • I lost my job at Canada Post.

Stress?  What stress?

Funny thing is, I'm coping with all that stress better than I'd have expected.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Or at least it doesn't kill you.


Erin said...

sorry to hear about your job. That's the pits.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Sorry to hear about the job loss, Malcolm.
Prayers all around.

Amie said...

Ditto for me. Sorry to hear about the job. Congrats on the grandchild. Prayers ascending.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

Doorman-Priest said...

I'm encouraged that you are so positive.