Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

Neither the Arrogant Worms nor the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra are from Saskatchewan. But Edmonton is on the Saskatchewan River, unlike either Moose Jaw and Regina, both of which are referred to in this delightful version of their fabulous novelty song, frequently covered by such groups as Captain Tractor and Squeeze of Scotch.

I draw to the attention of my non-Canadian readers that the civil province of Saskatchewan is entirely landlocked, but is nonetheless the home to two Naval Reserve Divisions.

And that the phrase "Arrrgh Métis" uses the technical term for a person of mixed Aboriginal and European descent. (Actually, historically speaking, "Métis" only referred to those who were of mixed Aboriginal and French descent, but now is generally used across the board.)

Oh, and the GST is our national sales tax, the Goods and Services Tax, which was very unpopular when it was introduced to replace the hidden Manufacturers Sales Tax. I like the piratical take on the GST.


Country Parson said...

H'mmm. With a little rewording that might also work for the Snake River in Washington.

Tim Chesterton said...

Um - Malcolm, it's actually an original Arrogant Worms song. Captain Tractor were the ones who covered it.

Malcolm+ said...

My education continues. The attribution has been corrected.

Paul said...

What a hoot! I loved it, all the richer because my ex visited Regina and Moose Jaw (in January) years ago on a business trip. Now that I live in New Mexico, I suspect we should be on guard. After all, there is so much shipping on the Rio Grande. (snork)