Sunday, August 16, 2009


My party was having its federal convention this past weekend. Inevitably, that meant there were endless rants in various fora about how my party really shouldn't try to win elections because it's more noble to be marginalized but ideologically pure. I was intending to write a post about the inherent evil of deliberate fecklessness. But that got to be far to tedious and tendentious.

So, instead, watch this video. Hat tip to the Mad Priest.


Country Parson said...

You made a wise choice. It is a goofy, corny and most wonderful video. Thanks.

Seeker said...

Good choice.

Alan said...

I don't know where you happen on these clips, but I have to say that few blogs make me "well up" as much as yours does.



Unknown said...

I'm not comfortable with clergy being openly partisan.
But we both live in free countries, so you will continue to do what you want.
And I haven't been near a church in years, anyway.

Malcolm+ said...

FWIW, Brian, I think that clergy need to be very careful about open partisanship. There are times and contexts where it is absolutely inappropriate - and the Sunday sermon is certainly one of them.