Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The same lies

There are more than a few Canadians watching the bizarre and lunatic antics of health reform opponents in the US and feeling a mite smug.

We shouldn't. The lies being told there are roughly the same as the lies that were told here in 1962. The following video is an excerpt from Prairie Giant, a movie about former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas. The clip covers the introduction of Medicare in Saskatchewan and the blackmail and lies that were used to oppose it - the same blackmail and lies we now see in the US.

The lies about "state medicine," the lies about cameras in examining rooms - all of these things happened as depicted here. And I can confirm from the personal account of members of the Woodrow Lloyd family that the threats against his children were real as well.

Beating bullies means standing up to them. Here's one American who's doing just that.

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Anonymous said...

No, we shouldn't be smug. Here in Alberta the Conservative dynasty could care less about maintaining our medicare system. Instead of opening up some 600 long term care facilities as Stelmach promised in the election campaign, they're threatening to close a multitude of them, so alleges the NDP who were given a leaked gov't document.