Thursday, May 27, 2010

The hazards of lying in the age of YouTube

Jason Kenney. What a yutz.

I wonder what a real Canadian Conservative like John Diefenbaker would have to say about Jason Kenney's manifest dishonesty - not to mention his contempt for Parliament.


Saskboy said...

The Conservatives are professionals at CYA (Cover Your Ass).

Anonymous said...

Due to your professional training, you should fully and completely understand the fact that the people in charge are responsible for the actions of your subordinates. That's all Jason Kenny is speaking about; ensuring the people who are accountable take accountability for their actions. Than those people should reprimand/fire those staff as required.

Nice post saskboy. Too bad you don't add any value.

Malcolm+ said...

I'm honoured that the Conservative spin machine are so threatened by my blog.

Now, let me introduce you to reality, Anonyme.

1. I can see that there is a coherent argument to say that Ministers should be the ones appearing before parliamentary committees to answer for the conduct of their staffs. Pity Jason didn't try to make that argument.

2. The subject of the post was the fact that Jason Kenney lied. You haven't really managed to defend him against that charge. He claimed that he did not recall, as an opposition member, calling for ministerial staffers to appear before parliamentary committees. The footage then showed Jason Kenney, Opposition MP doing exactly that.

3. Jason Kenney is a liar. That is simply a fact.