Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alternate possibilities for +Rowan Cantuar

Some years ago, shortly after the announcement that Rowan Williams would follow George Carey as Archbishop of Canterbury, I was defending the then-Primate of Wales in an online discussion from ridiculous far-right charges that he was "a druid." (Rowan had been inducted into a Welsh cultural society. Extremists tried to spin the induction ceremony as a druidic religious rite.)

In the course of that online discussion, I mistakenly used the surname of another famous Rowan - Mr. Bean, Thin Blue Line and Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson.

A few years on, one is moved to think we might have been better off.


Sigh said...

In my humble opinion, Cantur has been put in a position where in trying to keep the communion together, he had been vilified both both extremes. For example, one side has used the third leg of Hooker's stool to beat the other and the other side has sawn off the leg and used it as a club also.
Kyrie, eleison
Christe, eleison

Malcolm+ said...

I'd like to feel some sympathy for +Cantuar, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult.

His mollycoddling of the border crossers and the extreme homophobes, while disturbing, is at least comprehensible as he struggles to hold a Communion together - if that is even still possible.

What is more disturbing to me is his creation of an heirarchical international structure that is completely alien to historical and authentic Anglicanism.

As much as some Anglicans (both high and low) have wanted a Lambeth pope from time to time, we haven't needed one before and we don't need one now.

What we need is for well-heeled extremists in the US like Ahmonson to stop financing mischief.

dudley said...

I feel no sympathy for Cantuar
why should I.
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