Monday, October 25, 2010

Innocuous - like a fox in your henhouse

Lesley of Lesley's Blog (a relatively recent addition to my ecclesiastical blogroll) has posted a column by guest blogger Jonathan Clatworthy, General Secretary of Modern Church. In it, Jonathan takes on the widely held assumption that the Anglican Covenant in a bit of innocuous fluff, or at worst, a benign inconvenience.

My favourite bit:

In practice, once the Covenant was in place there would be immense pressure to toe the line on whatever issue the most intolerant chose to campaign about. One by one the Standing Committee would build up a set of pronouncements which became the Anglican teaching. We would be turned into a confessional sect demanding of our members assent to an ever-increasing list of doctrines.

The way to avoid this absurdity is to make sure the Covenant does not come into effect in the first place.

Go read the whole piece.

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