Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obligations Met

Let it never be said that 'Rider fans don't fulfill their obligations. And the real winner here is the sick kids at Hopitale Ste Justine in Montreal.

The first picture is the Captain and crew of HMCS QUEEN - with the poor CO decked out in an Als jersey.
The second picture is the XO of HMCS REGINA being interviewed (in an Als t-shirt) about the wager. I wasn't able to download or embed the TV clip of the flag being raised on board Regina.
I will note three things.
  1. Darian Durant is only the second quarterback in CFL history to lead his team to back to back Grey Cup appearances in his first two years as a starter.

  2. The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost those two Grey Cup games by a combined total of four (4) points.

  3. A mere 13 months ago, people talked about how Anthony Calvillo was a guy who couldn't deliver the Grey Cup.

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