Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whatever the service to which you call us

An eventful 24+ hours.

Last night I attended my last training night as a member of HMCS QUEEN and Canada's Naval Reserve.  I'm not quite released yet.  I still have a release medical to attend to next week.  After almost 25 years of service, it will take some adjustment.

Today marks the 27th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood.  Nearly half of that, of course, was spent on a sort of hiatus, but still.  Archbishop Michael Peers had wanted to mark the day as Hugh of Lincoln (who has been moved in the new calendar to tomorrow, displacing Hilda of Whitby to the day later).  I insisted on Margaret of Scotland in honour to my ancestry.

Icons by Marice:
And today, I learned that an old friend was lost to the ravages of alcoholism.  At one point, he had been sober for 13 or 14 years until he went out to do more research.  Over the past few years, he kept trying to get back through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous, but was never able to regain his footing.  He died last night.

Somehow, the collect for the commemoration of St. Margaret of Scotland, Helper of the Poor seems to apply:
O God,
you gave to your servant Margaret
such faithfulness as Queen of Scotland
that she cared for the poor
and relieved the needs of those who lay in prison.
Grant us a like devotion,
whatever the service to which you call us,
that we may be agents of your justice
and true servants of your mercy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Jim Balfour said...

Sorry I couldn't be with you for your last night at QUEEN, but I was thinking about you and your "last evening.". Sorry to hear about your friend, sounds like something you should talk about with your padre.
Oh yes , everyone I have heard from says you were fabulous at the Cenotaph. BZ
Catch up with you soon, but no wisdom.

Jim Balfour

June Butler said...

Blessings and congratulations on the anniversary of your ordination, Malcolm. May you serve God and God's people for many more years.

St Margaret of Scotland is one of my favorite saints in the calendar. She was a lovely lady. I visited the wonderful little chapel on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle (which St Margaret probably never set foot in), and it's a beautiful and holy place, one of my favorite spots in the world.

My sympathy to you on the death of your friend.

Tim Chesterton said...

Sorry I'm a bit late coming to this, Malcolm. Congratulations on your anniversary (and on such an auspicious day, too!), and my sympathies on the death of your friend.