Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Financial Appeal

As I've mentioned previously, I will be attending the Episcopal Church General Convention in July in my capacity as Moderator of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition.  I will be joined there by Dr. Lionel Deimel, our Episcopal Church Convenor.  Several other Coalition members will also be at General Convention, but Lionel and I will be there specifically to represent the Coalition.  The cost of our attendance, including accommodations, travel and registration, will be in the order of US$3000 (that's total, not each).

Internally, we have already raised some money from the active Coalition membership to pay for buttons and literature that Lionel and I will be distributing in Indianapolis.  While Lionel and I have oth assumed that we would end up covering some portion of our own expenses, the Coalition has issued an appeal for funds to contribute to offsetting our costs.

I know that some readers of my blog are supportive of our efforts to defeat the proposed Anglican Covenant, and some have in the past, indicated that they would be prepared to contribute financially to our efforts.  Well, here's your chance.

The button below will take you to a PayPal account.  This PayPal account belongs to Lionel personally since the Coalition doesn't have its own bank account.  Several Coalition membes have already referenced this appeal on their own blogs, so we are already partway there, but Lionel and I are still looking at a significant out of pocket expense.

Thank you all for your consideration.

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