Sunday, January 17, 2010

New beginnings

It seems odd to talk about celebrating a new ministry when I've been with these people for three years already. But later this afternoon, we will have a Celebration of a New Ministry and I will be inducted as the new incumbent of the parish where I currently hang my biretta.

It certainly wasn't something I had planned, even when I re-entered active ministry a few years ago. I was quite happy to be a simple massing priest, doing services and the occasional interim. But circumstances changed and the Spirit (I hope and trust it was the Spirit) had different ideas.

I took every step to ensure that I did not interfere with the parish's search for a new incumbent, and was comfortable with the prospect of leaving the cure of these souls to another right about now.

Vocation is a funny thing - and often the only way to test a vocation is to try and walk away from it. In this case, it pursued me - to the point that one wise priest advised me to "get to Ninevah before you end up in the belly of a fish."

So here am I.

Your prayers (and where feasible, your presence) are requested.


Amie said...

So sorry I could not be there to celebrate with you and St.Jame's. I am keeping you in my heart and prayers as the celebration goes on.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

The Religious Pícaro said...

Congratulations, Father!

Country Parson said...

May our God who has brought you thus far continue to bless and prosper the work you have been given to do. And warmest personal congratulations from your brother in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Blessings in your new/old ministry!

Alan said...

Congratulations Malcolm. May God bless your ministry.
Rosemont area needs what you have to offer, and I suspect, you are just what the parish itself needs. Unfortunately, I cannot be in attendance to say, "I knew you when" but I will humbly offer my prayers to you and St. James.

Rick+ said...

     Congratulations! I like that comment about getting to Ninevah!