Monday, February 15, 2010

How the right deals with losing an argument

They have a few different ways of dealing with it, of course.

* As we've seen with the recent CofE General Synod motion (in which the ACNA position was decisively trounced three times running), they simply make stuff up.

* As we frequently see on some of the more rancid extremist sites, they simply delete any comments from posters who don't agree with them.

* This is a new one for me. They allow a discussion to continue. Then, when they have to completely redefine their terms in order to look something less than foolish, they let all their troops get in one final bash (along with a few slanderous allegations) and then they post the following:

"I’m going to close comments on this thread. After 214 comments, we are just going round and round in circles. This one is done."

I swear, they may not worship Karl Rove, but they look to him as an example of the "Christian" life.

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