Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ugandan Homosexuality Bill - not just about killing gays

It's also about killing anyone who doesn't hate gays.

While Archbishop Henry Orombi (after significant international pressure) has managed to cavil over the death penalty provisions, he and the Anglican Church in Uganda have endorsed the legislation overall.

Do I need to point out that this is in violation of Lambeth 1998 1-10?

Didn't think so.

Can you spell "h*a*t*e*m*o*n*g*e*r*i*n*g***h*y*p*o*c*r*i*t*e?"

Episcopal Café's The Lead has good coverage of other commentary as well.


keith nethery said...

Orombi was also very clear that there should be NO human rights where homosexuality is concerned. I always thought that all of God's children had human rights. This legislation is simply scarey, no matter what your position on the issues here in Canada

keith nethery said...

We wonder why we can't have a logical conversation with some on the ultra right? This is a posting from a blog operated by one of the moderators of the Essentials Blog. It seems to me I read a while ago that he was nominated for some kind of a best blog award. I learned in elementary school that the formula; if a is b and b is c then a must be c; just doesn't work. David apparently was absent on the several hundred days that was taught in the education system -

The Anglican Church is in the West is falling all over itself to condemn the homosexuality bill before the Ugandan government. Here is the screech of outrage from the Anglican Church of Canada:

COGS passed a resolution that expressed its dismay and concern over the draft proposed anti-homosexuality bill currently before the parliament of Uganda. COGS resolved to call upon the church of the province of Uganda to oppose this private member’s bill, and called upon the Government of Canada, through the Minister of External Affairs, to convey to the government of Uganda a deep sense of alarm about this fundamental violation of human rights and through diplomatic channels, to press for its withdrawal; and asked the Primate to send this message to the appropriate bodies.

The bill as it stands is draconian and has been opposed by the Anglican Church of Uganda.

What is strange, though, is Iran has been routinely hanging homosexuals for the last 30 years with no real trial except an appearance before a sharia judge; and the Anglican Church in the West has not protested at all.

Where is the deep sense of alarm, the dismay, the message to the appropriate bodies? Entirely absent.

Does Fred Hiltz only care about Anglican homosexuals? Perhaps the Anglican Church is not as diverse and inclusive as it would like people to think.

Malcolm+ said...

One wonders at the dearth of elementary logic, doesn't one.

A couple of obvious points.

* Iran's law has been on the books since at least the establishment of the Islamic Republic in the late 70s - and possibly much longer. Uganda's proposed law is a current attempt to increase violence against homosexuals.

* Iran's law does not claim to be rooted in Christian teaching. Uganda's bigots pretend to be speaking on behalf of Christianity.

* The Anglican Church in Iran is a miniscule presence and subject to perseecution. (A former Bishop was attacked by gunmen in his home.) The chances of a statement of the Anglican Church of Canada having any influence in the Islamic Republic of Iran is about two-thirds of four-fifths of bugger all. The Anglican Church is a large and influential player in Uganda and if the Anglican Church could be persuaded to preach the gospel instead of preaching hate, it could have significant influence.

In any event, I await the formal statement of the ACNA bishops (since ACNA laypeople have no role in governance) decrying the oppression of homosexuals in Iran.

I don't think I'll hold my breath.