Friday, April 23, 2010

Better Bill Shatner than Preston Manning

The Facebook group calling for the appointment of William Shatner as the next Governor General of Canada now has more than 21,000 people liking it. (Not sure why it's structured as like rather than join, but what do I know.)

Really, I'm not sure what I think about the idea of Captain Kirk following the current GG, Michaëlle Jean. I am, however, convinced that T.J. Hooker would be a better choice than washed-up Reform Party washed-up supremo Preston Manning.

Many on the Canadian right have demonstrated a proclivity for interpreting our constitutional conventions purely on the basis of partisan advantage. Thus, when Stephen Harper is Leader of the Opposition, he can (correctly) argue that the defeat of the government in the early days of a minority Parliament allows the possibility that the Governor General should seek to determine if one or more of the opposition parties might be able to form a stable government. But when Stephen Harper is Prime Minister, he can (dishonestly) argue that any attempt to replace a minority government is a "coup."

Would I expect any more integrity from Preston Manning?

Well, given that Presto only opposed the Charlottetown Accord when he realized the potential political payoff, no, not really.

So, given a choice between Denny Crane and Preston Manning to be the Governor General of Canada, I'm quite prepared to go for the Priceline / All-Bran pitchman.

On the condition that Governor General promises never to sing - apart from either O Canada or God Save the Queen . . . and only as part of the crowd . . . and even then, sotto voice.

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