Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poisson d'avril

In case any of my Canadian readers haven't yet figued it out, the previous post was an April Fools prank - poisson d'avril.

Within minutes of posting the link on Facebook late last night, I had a response from a leading trade union figure in BC who had swallowed the poisson hook, line and sinker. In the morning, I had a panicked phone call from the NDP candidate referred to by name - who realized the date just as I was answering the phone. The spouse of the deputy leader of the party in another province spent the morning getting increasingly angry - until the poisson dropped. The news (though not the link) were forwarded to a federal NDP discussion list where incredulity reigned.

I didn't hear back from Lorne Calvert. Pat Atkinson thought it was great fun, and wondered what her father would say. (I imagine that it couldn't be printed on a priest's blog.)

Pundits' Guide, Canada's pre-eminent political data aggregator site, sent the story to Twitter, where it subsequently went viral. (I'm not sure if PG was fooled or was helping the fun to grow.)

I've received an email indicating that the Sun Media chain contacted Count Ignatieff's office seeking confirmation of the story.

Not a bad April Fools Day fishing for a Simple Massing Priest from Regina.


The Pundits' Guide said...

For the record, I was not fooled one bit, but wanted to see how much further people might take it, given the number of people who had already been taken in by 7:30AM EST.

Thanks for the great fun!

Country Parson said...

From the other side of the border I thought "This is the screwist thing I've ever heard of but who knows, they do things like that now and then."