Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Free Market Explained

For a change from all the ecclesiastical politics, here is Tommy Douglas - voted the Greatest Canadian, the grandfather of Keifer Sutherland - explaining how the free market works.


Alan said...

What a brilliant mind. I once sat next to him on a plane from Ottawa to Regina. It was toward the end of his life but he was as sharp that day as he was in this clip. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the intestinal fortitude (and the intelligence of Tommy) to make a similar contribution to the Canadian way of life. Thanks for posting this Malcolm.

Malcolm+ said...

Tommy was frequently in my home when I was a small child. We lived with my great grandmother, and she was the preseident of the local ladies CCF club.

Apparently my claim to fame is wetting his lap for him once.

Rod Gillis said...

A Labor Day weekend historical which I posted on the Diocese of NS&PEI clergy chat line.
Thanks for this page Malcolm.