Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's cold here

I mean, really cold. This morning it was minus 45 Celsius with the wind chill. (For my Celsius challenged American readers, that's -49 Fahrenheit. It's also 228.15 Kelvin, 410.67 Rankine and -36 Reaumur. I've never even heard of those last two.)

Here's a more practical illustration:

Turns out the liquid doesn't even need to be near boiling:

Now, even though this is two years old and is actually about February:


MorningStar said...

Where are you? I'm in Whitehorse, and it was almost that cold today. We're in the start of a warming trend that will take us up to the freezing point for a day or two this coming weekend.

Joanna Depue said...

Oh my - Just found this link via FB - I had no idea there were so make insta-ice. How cool is that (for a few times, anyway). Ah, but the ridiculous couched in the sublime ... the complaint song ... ah, we each could add new lyrics to that beauty! Thanks for sharing with us some much needed silliness!

Joanna Depue said...

I found your link of FB - and it was a delightful cure for the winter ditch (figuratively, literally) we've been digging ourselves out of. Ah, interesting science projects there with several different boiled liquids reconstituting in ice, hail, snow! And several of us could add a few choice lyrics to the list of annoyances ... such a humancondition Thank you for giving a long, long day a cheery conclusion!

Malcolm+ said...

Here in Regina, we usually say, "It's a dry cold."

Alan said...

It reminds me of my wedding day in 1996. The Sunday morning after the ceremony it was -50. Fortunately thought, there was no wind. I think it was a way for God to laugh with us that weekend (I always said it would be a cold day in... when I got married :-)). Thanks for posting that very cool science experiment. I'm going to try that here today.