Thursday, January 20, 2011

Right Said Fred

No, not the "I'm too sexy" guy, but rather the Most Rev'd Fred Hiltz, Primate of All Canada, who is quoted in this story in the Anglican Journal regarding the Primates Meeting and the declared intentions of some of his colleagues to skulk away instead of turning up.

Reports that some primates with more conservative theological views are planning to boycott the meeting “does nothing to model for the church what it means to try and live with difference,” he added. “To simply say, ‘I refuse to come’ is anything but exemplary of the office and ministry to which we are called.”

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June Butler said...

Malcolm, the Most Rev'd Fred Hiltz may not be the "I'm too sexy" guy, but he ain't bad. He ain't bad at all. I'm just saying.

He ain't bad for thinking, either.