Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anglican Covenant developments

I've mentioned the launch of the new Yes to the Covenant group in the Diocese of Oxford.  The new astroturf initiative is, perhaps, the best evidence that the grassroots No Anglican Covenant Coalition has been very effective against tremendous odds.

The Yes group's rhetoric was rich in calls for informed decision making.  Of course, to date, the process has been heavily biased in favour of the Covenant, so to hear Covenanters whinging about it was a trifle jarring.  But one must gather one's rosebuds, as they say.

So at Comprehensive Unity, the official blog of the Coalition, I issued a challenge to the Yes group to call for the remaining 27 dioscesan synods to ensure that both sides of the debate were given a fair hearing.  Not surprisingly, they declined.  The whole sorry tale can be found here and here.

When the dioceses of Winchester and Sheffield passed the Covenant last weekend, the Yes campaign were quick to declare victory, although the defeat of the Covenant in Sodor and Man this afternoon suggests that the struggle isn't over yet.  With an 11 - 7 lead, the Covenant's opponents have a significant mathematical advantage.  The Covenant requires approval by 23 of the 44 Church of England dioceses to return to General Synod for further approval.  The Covenanters need to win 16 of the remaining 26 synods, while the Covenant's opponents only need another 11.

As to Sodor and Man, we are awaiting more information on the conduct of the debate, but the results are:
  • Bishops - 1 for
  • Clergy - 5 for, 12 against
  • Laity - 21 for, 15 against, 1 abstention
Note that we have conflicting reports on the results for the laity, with one report of:
  • Laity - 12 for, 21 against, 1 abstention

Either way, I am struck with the absurd and possibly obscure thought that Thomas and his friends have risen up against Sir Topham Hatt, Bt.

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