Friday, July 6, 2012

Episcopal Church General Convention - Day 3

The main task today was to prepare for this evening's Committee Hearing on the Anglican Covenant.  Lionel Deimel, Susan Russell, Mary Roehrich and I all spoke nominally to Resolution D007, which was closely based on the model resolution we had prepared a few weeks ago.  You can find my speaking notes and Lionel's at the Comprehensive Unity blog.

The committee seems to be inching towards a conclusion that they will not be able to finesse a resolution that would be able to pass both Houses.  We await developments. 

Other than staffing our information table, we are now in a holding pattern pending the committee's final report and the eventual debate on the floor of the House of Deputies.

I was sitting outside for several minutes late this evening, speaking with Deputy and blogger Lisa Fox.  Again, I have to marvel at the experience of meeting these blogosphere dwellers I have known for so long but had never met in person. 

I also have to marvel at the fact that midnight in Indianapolis can be hotter than any day I remember in Saskatchewan.

And for a little variety, here is a picture of me in my 'Rider gear at one of the General Convention exhibits.

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SCG said...

Read through your and Lionel's testimony. Very clear and to the point. Thanks so much, and continued prayers for both of you.