Monday, July 9, 2012

Episcopal Church General Convention - Day 6

Attended the hearing on another pair of "let's not say no" resolutions on the Anglican Covenant.  After breakfast, we watched the whole committee approve the replacement resolutions that they were always intending to send despite the overwhelming testimony for a clear no vote at the hearings the other day.  Very disheartening.

Add to which that I've been felled by an air conditioning cold that had me spend the rest of the day in bed with Mr. NyQuil.

We need to work out the floor strategy.  The committee's first resolution, affirming the Continuing Indaba and the Episcopal Church's love of the Anglican Communion is about as controversial as tapwater, but probably needs to be said.  I'm inclined that the best approach to the "just say anything but no" resolution is an amendment to replace the whole thing wth a clearer resolution based on last night's final resolution from the Anglican Chuch in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Speaking of which, here is the Anglican Communion News Service story on the ACANZAP decision, and here is the resolution that was passed, may I remind you, without dissent.

Now, back to bed.  Ugh.

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