Sunday, November 15, 2009

. . . in grateful thanksgiving for the many benefits received at his hand . . .

This Monday is the feast of St. Margaret of Scotland.

When I was a young priest (yes, I was once a young priest) I was at the local high school to see the principal. The secretary asked who she might say was calling. The conversation went something like this:

Me - I'm Malcolm French, the Anglican priest.

She - No. Anglicans have ministers, not priests.

Me - I'm Malcolm French, and I'm the Anglican priest.

She - Catholics have priests. Anglicans have ministers.

Me (choking back an entire history lesson about the English reformation and the catholicity of Anglicanism) - I was there. The archbishop put his hands on my head and I distinctly heard him say "priest." Would you please just tell Norm I'm here?

I still remember it distinctly. It was on the feast of St. Margaret of Scotland 1984 at All Saints Church in Oxbow SK.

The picture is a stained glass window from St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh. The image is taken from the official website of the Scottish Episcopal Church.


Anonymous said...

That is one hilarious conversation. :) I'm assuming this post is a round-about announcement of your anniversary of ordination ... in which case, congratulations! A quarter-century is impressive indeed.

Tim Chesterton said...

AS the rector of St. Margaret's Church, I salute you on this significant day in your spiritual history!

Amie said...

Two things - I am descended from Saint Margaret so I thank you for reminding me of this day.

The other thing is that every time my children learn about the Reformation etc. in school I have to re-teach the teacher about the history of the Church of England. Only once have I had a teacher say that I was right. I'm going to be pro-active with my youngest's teacher. When it gets close to the lessons on that part of England's history I am making an appointment to speak with her so she can teach it right the first time around and we don't have to go through the whole correction thing again.

Henry VIII did not start the Church of England!!!!!! And yet most of the school history texts are taken to say that he did.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of your ordination to the priesthood, dear Simple Massing Priest.
CJP of Cinci and St. James

Brad Evans said...

It's still pre-raphaellite crap.
The catholics and orthodox don't believe you're a priest-why should I?

Malcolm+ said...

A few observations, Brad.

1. Whether Rome accepts the validity of my ordination or not is really quite beside the point. Rome still refers to "Anglican priests" because that's what they're called.

2. I doubt the secretary was acquainted with even the more provocative passsages in any event.

3. You seem to be a consistently angry fellow, Brad. Several times in the past I have simply refused to publish your comments because they were so obnoxious. It does seem rather odd how much time you apparently spend in the blogosphere seeking out opinions you disagree with just so you can be even more disagreeable yourself.