Sunday, April 4, 2010


Having made, by his incarnation, an acting of stunning solidarity with our humanity; having lived a human life; having accepted to die in the most painful manner possible; Jesus, Emmanuel, God With Us experiences the depth of human despair. The stunning cry of the God forsaken God.
And having lived and died as one of us, he has risen from the grave, destroying the power of death forever.

Or, as Facebook would have it:

Jesus is online again. Alleluia!


Anonymous said...


I was thinking this evening at the Vigil, when all in my church, the priest very much included, were giggling as we were all sprinkled, in solidarity with newly baptized members of the Church, with holy water, that this is Johannine joy; this is what it means to say we must seek the Kingdom as little children; it is what being made perfect as the Father is perfect means. For us there will be suffering, but we taste of the Kingdom when, without being at all frivolous, we can also be less than serious, and sing out Alleluia, and laugh out our joy at the risen Christ and sin forgiven, death destroyed, in the Father's laughing, intimate love.


Ellie Finlay said...

"Jesus is online again. Alleluia!"

Oh, that's marvelous!