Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Episcopal Church General Convention - Day 8

While Deputies and Bishops still work their way through the budget and some other issues, for the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, it's all over but the shouting. 

I had a worthwhile conversation with Connecticut Bishop Ian Douglas about what happens now.  Bishop Douglas is one of the Episcopal Church's representatives at the Anglican Consultative Council.  As much as I'd love to be in Auckland, New Zealand for the ACC meeting this fall, such is not to be.  Our Coalition hopes there will be a grown up conversation about an appropriate ratification threshold and a reasonable sunset clause.  The Covenant has drained far too much energy from the life of the Communion for so little purpose.  There needs to be a clear decision point at which the thing stands or falls.

I have no responsibilities between now and the departure of my flight on Friday morning.  After 111 minutes on hold with Airmiles, it wasn't possible to move my flight a day sooner.  Oh well.  I expect I'll attend the final Convention Eucharist tomorrow, and perhaps spend much of the rest of the day trying to put paid to this lingering cold.


Ann said...

Thanks Malcolm for your work - how much more $$ do you need for representing us?

SCG said...

Get yourself a cup of hot tea, Malcolm+. And thanks for everything you and Lionel did. Have posted my reaction to our lack-of-reaction.

Ann said...

Is the Pay Pall still a good way to send $$?

JimB said...

You, Lionel, Rev. Elisabeth and Rev. Susan did everything possible, with style and grace.

We saw another convention do anything to avoid saying yes, and that is an achievement. Indianapolis is actually a pleasant town, I hope you find some of its charms.

Thanks and blessings!


JimB said...

You, Lionel, Rev. Susan, and Rev. Elizabeth made our case with style and grace.

We will remain a Communion I think. If TEC, New Zealand, and England have shown anything this week it is that the centralizers are loosing. The Spirit is blowing us where She will.


Muthah+ said...

Malcolm, you and Lionel have done some awesome work at Convention. I am thankful that you were willing to come to Indianapolis and put up with our Anglican Fudge in TEC. I do hope it allowed you to make some good friends in our Church that will make your ministry richer and the proclamation of the faith deeper. But whenever we have to glimpse the inner workings of the way we organize, we often show elements of ourselves that are not noble and blessed. I hope you have not been scandalized. ;>)

Bravo. I also have found a couple of donors to offset some of you guys' expenses.

Leonard said...

Thank you Lionel and Malcolm...fantastico (and quite often outcomes are much, much more impressive and rewarding than they seem to initially...but then, you probably know that already as the genius type fellows that you are) gracias, leonardo in Texas (green these days)!

June Butler said...

Malcolm, I'm so sorry about your cold. Take care of yourself. You, Lionel, and Elizabeth did all you could and beyond, and the disappointing result is surely not your fault. I am embarrassed and ashamed for my church.